For naturally beautiful brows

Many women dream of perfect eyebrows but most have exactly the opposite. It is easy to pluck eyebrows incorrectly, with the result that they are asymmetrical or, in the worst case, develop bald spots.

Microblading offers a new way of eyebrow sculpting which looks absolutely natural. Even extremely thin and irregular brows can be transformed with natural, semi-permanent make-up and the Microblading technique of our trained therapist. During the treatment, extremely fine hairlines are created which show hardly any difference to real ones, personalised to your tone or hair colour, and the effect lasts for 12-18 months.

COST: 30mins consultation, colour matching and patch test: £30
Main treatment, including one top-up after 6 weeks: £250

Why not complete the look with an Eyelashes Lift & Tint treatment? 1hr 30mins Just £55