Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

Shrinking Violet Treatment Margaret Balfour

Everyone is looking for a ‘quick fix’ to look leaner; whether to achieve the perfect poolside holiday figure, to help get into that little black dress for a big night out or simply as part of their on-going beauty regime. We think we have found the answer for you with our Shrinking Violet inch loss detox body wrap – a wonderful treatment for just £59.

How does it work?

The main ingredient in Shrinking Violet is Phospholipid – an ingredient widely used in other fat dissolving treatments. Fat cells are naturally broken down by the solution, then absorbed into the lymphatic system and simply excreted from the body. Following your wrap treatment the solution will continue to keep working for up to 72 hours. As the fat cells have been excreted, the only way new fat
cells will form is if you eat and drink excessively or unhealthily.

It’s our secret – you could lose 2 inches off your waistline in just one treatment…

What will happen during the wrap?
• You will be measured carefully.
• The solution, which also contains grape seed and jojoba oil, lavender, juniper and cypress
essential oils, is applied to the body.
• You are then wrapped in a heat-inducing film, and relax for one hour while the
Shrinking Violet solution works its wonders and you lose inches.
• After the hour you will be unwrapped and re-measured in exactly the same places to reveal
your total body inch loss.
• We advise you to drink plenty of water for the next 72 hours.
• These inches will stay off as long as you keep to a healthy regime.

During the time the product is working, you can lie back and relax while enjoying a complimentary mini facial or hand or foot massage. This really is the perfect way to relax and lose those inches.

Shrinking Violet is totally effortless for you; non-invasive, not messy and totally pain free. Not only will you feel slimmer but you will enjoy a relaxing, detoxifying experience. Give us a call on 01935 816177 to make your first appointment.