Clarins Tri Active Body Treatment  – Booking time 1 hour 15 mins – £59

This results-driven body treatment helps improve your body concerns. There are eight Clarins Pro Body products for the therapist to personalise your body treatment. Choose from anti-ageing, figure shaper, body balancer and super-hydrator. Pure pleasure and a real must for out of condition skin and bodies.

Aromatic Body Massage

Stress tension and anxiety melt away with this rejuvenating treatment. A skilled and intense massage using our customised botanical treatment oils gets to grips with muscle aches, pains and stress knots – reviving fatigued muscles and rejuvenating the mind and body.

Full Body Massage  – Booking time 60 mins – £49
Luxury Back Neck and Shoulder Massage – Booking time 45 mins –  £39
Back Neck and Shoulder Massage – Booking time 30 mins – £27


Hot Stone Body Massage

The healing power of touch combines with the energy of the Earth in this relaxing muscle-melting massage. A combination of smooth warmed Basalt stones and the therapist’s hands massage deeply into the muscles to relax,  soothe and rejuvenate tired aching bodies – melting away stress and calming the mind.

Full Body Massage – Booking time 1 hour 15 mins – £63
Back Neck and Shoulder Massage  – Booking time 45 mins – £39


Indian Head Neck and Shoulder Massage – Booking time 45 mins –  £39

A very calming and relaxing treatment, based on an ancient massage therapy to relax tight muscles and increase joint mobility in the head neck and shoulders. This massage promotes mental calmness and physical well-being. Tension disappears leaving you energised and clear headed with an uplifted spirit.


Reflexology – Booking time 60 mins – £49

A gentle but firm pressure is applied to the feet combined with soothing massage techniques. The reflex points are stimulated to encourage the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance, encouraging the body to heal from within. This treatment works on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet which link with all parts of the body.

Tired Feet & Legs Massage -Booking time 30 mins – £27

A stimulating leg and foot massage using pre-blended oils and creams and massage movements to help improve poor circulation and fluid retention.


Clarins Mother-to-be & New Mother – Booking time 1 hour 30 mins – £69

Pure indulgence for the face and body, adapted to pre (3-months onwards) and post-natal stages of pregnancy. Eases backache, fluid retention, stress, fatigue and tired legs, as well as improving skin tone and elasticity.  Afterwards you will feel energised and wonderfully relaxed with baby soft skin.


Body Exfoliation & Skin Nourishing Treatment – Booking time 60 mins – £59

Visibly brighter, super-soft skin is the main benefit of this highly efficient body treatment.  More than just a body scrub; this is a total well-being treatment. Dull, dead skin is polished away, circulation is boosted and the skin is nourished with a mixture of aromatic oils and creams.  A total well-being treatment.


St.Tropez Self Tanning Treatments

This crème de la crème of self tanning treatments for the face and body includes a top to toe body exfoliation and gives your skin a gorgeous golden glow that looks totally natural.

Full Body – Booking time 60 mins – £49
Face, arms and décolleté – Booking time 45 mins – £39
Legs – Booking time 30 mins –  £27

Please note: If you are prone to allergic reactions we recommend a patch test 48 hours before your tanning treatment.