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Grooming Treatments for Men


Body Treatments


Muscle-ease Body Massage

Stress, tension and anxiety all melt away with this rejuvenating treatment. Skilled and relaxing massage movements using customised botanical treatment oils get to grips with muscle aches, pains and stress knots, leaving you feeling calm and rebalanced.

Muscle-ease Full Body Massage – Booking time 60 mins – £49
Luxury Muscle-ease Back Neck and Shoulder Massage – Booking time 45 mins – £39
Muscle-ease Back Neck and Shoulder Massage – Booking time 30 mins – £27


Hot Stone Body Massage

The healing power of touch combines with the energy of the Earth in this relaxing and muscle-melting massage.  A combination of smooth warmed Basalt stones and the therapist’s hands massage deeply into the muscles to relax, soothe and rejuvenate tired aching bodies.

Full Body Massage – Booking time 1 hour 15 mins – £63
Back Neck and Shoulder Massage – Booking time 45 mins – £39


Facial Treatments

Skin Blitz Facial – Booking time 60 mins – £49

Shaving bumps and irritation, stress and tiredness, greyness and congestion  –  however life has hit your skin, this super-relaxing bespoke facial will target and treat. Your face will look and feel refreshed healthy and smooth.

Radiance Reviver – Booking time 45 mins – £39

A quick boost to the skin, deeply cleansing and rehydrating, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh.


Hands and Feet

Manicure – Booking time 45 mins – £29

Smarten up your hands. Nails are cut and filed, cuticles tidied and then the hands are exfoliated and massaged.

Pedicure – Booking time 45 mins – £29

Toenails are cut and filed, cuticles are tidied, feet are exfoliated to soften the skin and the treatment finishes with a relaxing foot massage.

Waxing Treatments

Eyebrow wax –  £14
Back wax – £27
Chest wax – £27


IPL (sometimes referred to as ‘Laser’)

Do you have unwanted hair? Have you ever considered IPL permanent hair reduction? Ellipse Superlight is the most advanced IPL treatment on the market. It is clinically proven safe and effective for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair, facial thread veins, sun-damaged skin and age spots.

An IPL patch test must be performed before your first treatment, redeemable on your first treatment, cost:  £30

Booking times vary according to area being treated.

Hair Removal Shaving and waxing has been replaced by hair removal in a flash. Hair contains melanin (colour) which absorbs the IPL light and converts it into heat – this destroys the hair root.  We recommend 6 – 8 treatments. Cost per treatment:

Quarter Back – £110
Half Back –  £140
Three quarter Back –  £190
Full back –  £245
Front Quarter Chest –  £110
Half Chest – £140
Full Chest –  £245


Facial Thread Veins

Thread veins are small blood vessels near the surface of the skin. Blood contains haemoglobin; this absorbs the IPL light and converts it into heat. The heat destroys the protein in the thread vein walls, resulting in the gradual and safe disappearance of the veins.

We recommend 1 – 4 treatments

Cost per treatment – from £80


Pigmented lesions & sun spots on the face or hands

Sun spots contain a substance called melanin. Light from the IPL is attracted and absorbed by the melanin and the energy produced gently breaks it down. Over a period of seven to ten days the sun spots will naturally exfoliate.

We recommend 1 – 4 treatments

Cost per treatment – from £80