At Margaret Balfour we have the treatments and products to help you achieve a better looking skin and a glowing complexion in time for Christmas.  Whether for a one-off pampering treatment, some new makeup or one of our more rejuvenating courses, just call us on 01935 816177 or pop into the salon for a free consultation and a chat about your skin concerns.

Here are a few suggested treatments and courses for you to think about…

Non Surgical face lift

A relaxing treatment with dramatic results in facial lifting. A low frequency current tones, tightens and lifts facial muscles improving the facial contours and helping to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. An initial course of 10 treatments is needed to re-educate the facial muscles and then a maintenance treatment approximately every 4 weeks.

Course of 10 treatments £405 ~ Single treatment £45

Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion

Is your skin looking dull, tired or ‘orange peely’? Skin automatically exfoliates and renews its skin cells; sometimes the body needs a little help to achieve this. Diamond micro-dermabrasion gently exfoliates the outer layer of the skin, removing these tired dead skin cells, resulting in dramatically rejuvenated skin. We recommend a course of 6 treatments at weekly intervals, followed by a maintenance treatment approximately every 4 weeks.

Course of 6 treatments £275 ~ Single treatments £55

Bio Skin Jetting

A totally natural method of correcting fine lines and wrinkles: no foreign substances are injected into the skin. The area immediately beneath the wrinkle is stimulated into forming new tissue which contains young collagen and elastin fibres which plump out the wrinkle. A course of 7 treatments produces long lasting results.

Course of 7 treatments £389 ~ Single treatments £60

Facial Thread Veins

We can treat facial thread veins very successfully with IPL (intense pulsed light ) often referred to as laser and diathermy. We recommend 1 to 4 treatments. Single treatments £60

Pigmented Lesions & Sun Spots

Sun spots contain a substance called melanin. The light from the IPL is attracted and absorbed by the melanin and gently breaks it down. Over a period of seven to ten days the sun spots will naturally exfoliate leaving the skin rejuvenated. We recommend 1 to 4 treatments.

Cost per treatment from £60


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